About Us

Our Story

During the 2020 election cycle, Akif Aydin and Joshua Goodwin came to realize that they spent an exorbitant amount of time researching who they would vote for and that they did not trust most sources for information. From these experiences, they founded Time For Democracy (TFD) to provide every registered voter with nonpartisan and factual information from one source regarding:

  • Each current elected official who represents them from President to the local commissioner,
  • How each elected position impacts their daily life,
  • Who are all of the candidates running,
  • What policy positions is each candidate for (not against),
  • How their respective local elections are run,
  • When they will have the opportunity to vote for their candidates of choice for primary and general elections.

Time for Democracy ensures that all facts given to our readers are nonpartisan, truthful, and provide real time information about their local elections’ process and candidates. We are the source for primary and general elections and welcome any open dialogue for these topics.

Our inspiration is from Thomas Jefferson, “A well informed electorate is a prerequisite for democracy.”

Core Values

i. We value local communities: We work closely with local election commission offices, all political parties certified by the election commission office, and community leaders to give the needed information for constituents to have the necessary facts for local elections to make an informed decision.

ii. We celebrate democracy: Our team reflects our readers who have diverse backgrounds and identities, vote for various political parties, live in different geographical areas of the country, and work tirelessly to exercise the right to vote.

iii. We believe in civility: Over the years, the United States lost the ability to have a productive dialogue between opposing points of views and policies. We encourage our readers to interact with others in a respectful manner and a tone that reflects the golden rule.

iv. We give back: Giving to those in need is a responsibility we take seriously and prioritize our giving based on current needs within our staff, our families, and our local communities.

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