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Time for Democracy
Announces Inaugural Year!

January 19, 2021 | Press Release

Time For Democracy (TFD) provides registered voters with nonpartisan and factual information from one source.
Greenville, SC–Today, Time for Democracy announces the inaugural year for the company in the Upstate of South Carolina. Time For Democracy (TFD) provides registered voters with nonpartisan and factual information from one source regarding:

  • Each current elected official who represents them from President to the local commissioner,
  • How each elected position impacts the voters’ daily life,
  • The full list of candidates certified by the election commission office for each political office,
  • What policy positions each candidate is for (not against),
  • How their respective local elections are run,
  • When they vote for their candidates of choice for primary and general elections.

TFD’s hard copy and online publication ensures that all facts given to the readers are nonpartisan, truthful, and real time information about their local elections’ process, candidates, and the candidates policy positions. They are the source for primary and general elections, working hand-in-hand with the election commission offices to ensure the information is correct. The hard copies arrive each year two weeks before the primary and general elections.

Co-Founder, Joshua Goodwin states, “By sharing information to registered voters about how all of the elected positions impact their lives and the policy positions each candidate takes on issues, Time for Democracy creates accountability between the political candidates and the voters. In the Upstate alone, thousands of voters do not vote in local elections, we are here to motivate those voters in a civic engagement manner. We also require our advertisers to be transparent about who they represent and do not allow attack ads of any kind.”

“Mr. Goodwin and I spent many hours in 2020 trying to figure out all of the candidates and what policy positions they had just to be informed voters,” says Co-Founder, Akif Aydin, “Our publication is simple yet profound because we are providing nonpartisan information free of charge to all registered voters in the Upstate. We know this is a game changer for elections.”

Time for Democracy’s inspiration is from Thomas Jefferson’s quote, “A well informed electorate is a prerequisite for democracy.”

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